Data led marketing that works

  • Data led marketing that targets over 800,000 UK bikers a year
  • Quarterly 30 page market report
  • Easy to use research tools that give a unique insight into UK motorcycling
  • Influence your potential customers when they are about to spend money on biking
  • The single most targeted marketing solution around

Why use the
Two Wheel Data Centre?

The media landscape has changed massively over the years...

The best thing that has come from all this change is data.

Do you like wasting your marketing budget trying to get to your
potential customers?

Buying a haystack to find a needle is one approach,
why not just buy a pack of needles?

Target and influence new and existing customers when
they are about to spend money on biking.

Hi, I'm looking for bikers aged 30-40 who own a Honda,
live in Wales and ride 5000 miles a year please.

What is the
Two Wheel Data Centre?

It's a research centre and targeted marketing solution.
It represents the most in-depth understanding of UK bikers today.

1 Quick Research Tool

A simple-to-use research tool that gives you a unique insight into UK motorcycling. You ask questions and it gives you the answers.

2 Find Me Bikers

An audience filtering tool that allows you to create groups of bikers to your specification and shows you how many people you can target.

3 A Marketing Solution

By using our real time data you can target the bikers you want to influence at the point when they are most likely to listen to you.

4 A Quarterly Motorcycle
Market Insight Report

We send you a report each quarter that gives exclusive insights into what's going on in the bike industry.

How do we do it?

This is a biker, every year he searches online for bike insurance quotes

The Insurers software processes over 800,000 insurance quotes a year

The Two Wheel Data Centre is plugged into The Insurers software engine, and is always running

When insurance quotes are completed
we know a lot of things about bikers in
the UK motorbike market.

How can you talk to UK BIKERS?

We can put your messages
in front of bikers as they decide what bikes they're going to be riding this year.

It's a unique moment in time where you have the rare opportunity to influence bikers.

Via data lead marketing...

We can target bikers with your bespoke messages through the quote process afterwards when they receive summary emails

And because we know so much about the UK motorcycle market here's some cool things we can tell you...


It takes 2 minutes to register with the Two Wheel Data Centre. You'll get unlimited access to the most comprehensive source of information on bikers around, and the best bit is it's fast and simple to use.

You will receive...
  • The Quick Research Tool
  • Access to the Quarterly Insight Report on the bike market
  • Access to Custom Reports
  • Access to data led marketing (a Vast Visibility Service)